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Success Stories and Testimonials

In 2009, Greg was referred to RCS Learning Center during a time of crisis. His severe maladaptive behaviors of non-compliance, aggression and property destruction left him unable to receive a quality education in his setting. Greg started at RCS as an introverted and rigid young boy, quickly acting out when presented with any demand or direction. Preferring to be left to himself and his own agenda, Greg was agitated when others would approach him even for a simple greeting. Through hard work and dedication, the amazing staff began to peel away his rough outer layers to see Greg for who he really is, a highly social, funny, creative and caring young man who had so much more to offer the world.

Click here for Greg’s story.

“One of the greatest accomplishments my child has achieved is that she is making friends and playing with them at school and having it carry over to her attending her first ever birthday party.”
– Parent of an RCS Learning Center Student

“Our son had a very bad self-injurious behavior when he started at RCS- we may have had to consider residential placement if RCS hadn’t been able to turn things around. Within 6 months our son had nearly eliminated the behavior! RCS really helped keep our family together and get through one of the most difficult times of our lives. Now we are a very strong family and we have great hope for the future and for our son!!”
-Parent of an RCS Learning Center Student

“Our daughter may not have all the words to tell us how her school day was, but we surely know it by observing her interacting with the therapists. We have witnessed staff with unlimited energy, a program manager not afraid to explore our daughters potential, and willingness to believe in the ability of our daughter!”
– Parent of an RCS Learning Center Student

“At RCS, I feel like Matthew is loved–that he is in a natural environment. With the dedicated, knowledgeable, professional, and caring staff, I feel like he is pushed to make progress, but that is also appreciated for who he is.”
-Parent of an RCS Learning Center Student

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