Early Learner

RCS’ Early Learner Program services children ages 3-6 years of age. This program provides intensive 1:1 ABA instruction to our youngest learners. The Early Learner Program is ideally suited for students who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders or other developmental disabilities and who demonstrate difficulties with language, pre-academics, self-help skills, independent and joint play skills, and social skills. During each student’s initial weeks at RCS Learning Center and then on an ongoing basis, comprehensive skills and behavioral assessments are conducted with the results being utilized to develop the best educational program for each individual student. Our early learners are offered a comprehensive program that includes verbal behavior programming transfer trial teaching, and fluency training. Utilizing this approach, students are able to move beyond requesting basic wants and needs to develop more complex language skills necessary to improve conversation skills, advance academically and improve their overall ability to interact and be successful in the community. Students in the Early Learner Program may be educated across settings including the multiple learning environments at RCS Learning Center or within our Integrated Preschool Program at Mini-Miracles Childcare Center.

Within each program students are exposed to a variety of different teaching environments to help promote generalization of skills.

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