Educational Environments

Intensive Teaching Time (ITT)

In ITT, students are taught skills in an environment with minimal distractions. Our ITT rooms contain no more than 4 students; however, we are able to accommodate students who require their own space as well. Skills addressed in this area are based on individual assessments and may consist of Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Verbal Behavior programming, academic instruction, Vocational Programming, self-help skills, Speech and Language programming and Occupational Therapy programming.

Natural Environment Time (NET)

Our NET rooms are bright, cheery, and full of toys, which are rotated frequently in order to keep our students motivated and engaged. The goal of NET is to practice skills taught in the ITT environment in a novel environment with different materials and instructors. During this time, the therapists follow the students’ motivation and provide instruction based on the items with which the student is engaging. Additionally, social skills and play skills are frequently addressed within NET.

Group Time

Group instruction is an environment where students learn within a group of students who are similar in skill level and age. During group, one lead instructor provides directions to the group while the 1:1 therapists act as shadows to each of their students. Objectives taught in the ITT environment are addressed within the group environment. Additionally, students are exposed to other activities including; arts and crafts activities, physical fitness activities, and simple recipe completion.

Vocational Programming

Vocational skills are addressed across multiple school environments. Our students perform multiple jobs around the school including: mailing and delivering letters, cleaning school environments, and sorting and restocking books in our library. Additionally, we have a dedicated environment which is designed for the students to be able to practice their vocational skills in a less distracting environment. Learn More…

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