2022 Annual Campaign

As we head into 2023, we're focused on enhancing opportunities for both our students and staff at RCS Learning Center. For our 2022 Annual Campaign we're taking the next step from fostering widespread acceptance to forming alliances with local organizations to taking internal initiatives to help our students thrive independently in the 21st century.

This year, ALL our donors - whether you're able to gift $5 or $50k - will be automatically entered into a raffle. We've partnered with the Boston Red Sox to giveaway an autographed baseball from former Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley, Jr.!

Our goal is to raise $15,000 for our 2022 Annual Campaign.

Last year our incredible supporters helped us raise over $12,000 for our students. We know we can do it again this year, plus raise even more as our community expands.
Our students need your support.

What could your donation fund at RCS Learning Center?

$50 and under

Funds resources and supplies for student activities and programs, such as items for our school café and kitchen. The school café is our new vocational training area where students learn critical vocational skills. Students also do cooking and meal prep in our kitchen to gain independence skills.

RCS School cafe


Funds student visits into the community or vocational placement with our community partners. Community outings help with the generalization of skills in a natural, novel environment. Our vocational program is critical to helping students develop the skills necessary to be successful in a less restrictive learning environment and future job skills.

RCS student vocational placement


Funds technology for our students and school, such as iPads, laptops, and learning software. Technology is crucial to helping our students communicate using assistive devices and software applications, as well as laptops for classroom academic lessons.

RCS student technology


Funds staff professional advancement such as clinical conferences and training sessions, or staff appreciation events. Continuous employee professional development enables our staff to provide the highest quality programming. We are also expanding efforts for increased employee wellness opportunities and support through various initiatives such as workshops, engagement activities, and other benefits.

RCS staff training

$1,000 and above

Funds equipment for our student wellness program such as exercise machines. We are highly focused on student wellness and are committed to developing a high quality program that contributes to student physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

RCS student fitness equipment

Your donation could also fund:

  • iPads for our students for learning and communication assistance
  • Equipment to build our new student café, such as chairs and tables
  • Kitchen supplies for student cooking classes
  • Software for student technology devices
  • Laptops for our classrooms
  • SMART TVs for group learning
  • Student lunch outings in the community
  • Student field trips into the commuinty
  • Supplies to start up an arts and crafts special
  • Treadmill or bike for our student physical education room
  • Contribute to tuition reimbursement for employees to advance their career and help more children
  • On-site yoga classes for staff wellness and health

RCS Learning Center has been helping students with autism reach their fullest potential since 2006.

Who we are

Who we are

RCS Learning Center is a not-for-profit private school whose mission is to provide the highest quality of individualized behavioral and educational services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. We believe that every child has unique skills and we are dedicated to helping each child develop these skills and reach their full potential. With our core value of “Children and Families First,” we are committed to developing personal, collaborative relationships with our students families.

Our school is one of three sister companies in our organization, Realizing Children’s Strengths (RCS), which was founded in 1998 and began offering consulting services from a small office in Watertown, Massachusetts. Since then, we have grown and developed both at-home and center-based programs, providing services to over 3,000 children across the state.

Our students

Our students

At RCS Learning Center we serve students ages 6-22 years with autism and other developmental disabilities. Our students have a variety of programming needs and come from diverse backgrounds and families around Massachusetts. Our students are engaged in daily activities both in our school and around our community. The RCS program model fosters an environment in which our students learn together and create friendships with their classmates.

How you can support

How you can support

The theme for our 2022 annual campaign is Celebrating All Children: Acceptance, Alliance, Inclusion. 
You can help make a significant impact by making a monetary donation to our 2022 Annual Campaign. To promote equity and inclusivity, we’re adjusting our donation tiers this year to include any amount you’re able to give to our students.
Learn more about where your donation will go and our fun raffle for donors! → Donation page

Will you help us achieve our mission of Progress For All Children?