Every student’s program is individualized to fit his/her particular needs and learning style. Teaching procedures are tailored to each student according to results of educational and behavioral assessments and may include Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior programming, Direct Instruction, Fluency Training, Natural Environment Teaching, Group Instruction, and/or inclusion. A focal point of our program is to help students to improve their communication skills. Our programs address a spectrum of communication skills from early language acquisition to teaching appropriate social language. Individual goals and objectives for communication are based on assessment, learning history, and the child’s unique preferences. These goals and objectives are incorporated into all aspects of the students’ day to provide maximum learning opportunities. A student may be taught to use vocal language, sign language, PECS, assistive technology devices or any combination. Additional areas of focus include academics, social skills, self help skills, behavior management, and vocational training. Instruction is provided across environments and therapists to promote generalization. Every program includes ample parent collaboration opportunities to provide a comprehensive program for every student throughout all environments. Click on the below links for more information regarding each program.


RCS’ Intensive Day Program services students ages 3-22 and provides a 1:1 staff to student ratio. Students enrolled in the Intensive Day Program require intensive 1:1 support in order to learn academics, leisure and social skills, functional life skills, and vocational skills. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the major treatment methodology applied within the Intensive Day Program. Students enrolled in this program are taught across a variety of environments and instructors in order to promote maximum generalization of skills from the training environment to novel environments. The primary objective of the Intensive Day Program is to focus on teaching our students pivotal skills which will allow the student to successfully transition into a less restrictive environment where they will continue to acquire skills without the need for 1:1 support. Each student is an individual and therefore, some students may require enrollment in this program for some time, while others may be enrolled in this program for a short duration. RCS aligns academic curriculum with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and additional educational assessments as needed. Additionally, Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) are conducted and behavior plans are implemented to decrease undesired behaviors and increase alternative appropriate behaviors.

  • Early Learner

  • Academic

  • Vocational

  • Language


When a student demonstrates the ability to learn and excel in a 1:1 teaching environment then he or she may be an appropriate candidate for our Day Education Program. This program’s structure and philosophy is similar to the above mentioned Intensive Day Program, but utilizes a 1:2 staff to student ratio. Students in this program are paired with another student who shares a similar learning level and style. Social skills are directly addressed within all settings and these students may work together on academic and/or vocational skills. The focus of this program is to help students develop the skills necessary to be successful in a less restrictive learning environment and when possible transition back to their home school district.

Within each program students are exposed to a variety of different teaching environments to help promote generalization of skills.

  • Academic

  • Vocational


RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting provides a variety of direct, consultative, and training services to schools, agencies, families, and individuals with developmental disabilities, infant to adult. Applied Behavior Analysis is the major treatment modality employed by RCS, with an emphasis on the Verbal Behavior approach to communication. Our Clinical Team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and other experts in the field, support and guide parents and educators through our teaching procedures.

For more information: RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting